Yoga Tips: Do this yoga asana after eating, food will be digested quicklyYoga Tips: Do this yoga asana after eating, food will be digested quickly

Stomach related problems may occur during monsoon. Consuming hot pakoras, samosas etc. during the rainy season causes problems like indigestion, pain and flatulence. Many complaints can occur due to improper digestion process. Experts say that one should not sleep immediately after dinner and there should be a gap of at least three hours, in which one can walk or do yoga.

Here some yogasanas are being explained, which should be practiced after eating, this helps in digesting the food quickly and does not cause stomach related problems


You can practice Vajrasana after dinner. This is included among the most beneficial yogasanas for digestion. Practicing this asana helps in stretching the upper body and abdomen. It is advisable to practice Vajrasana on an empty stomach but it is more beneficial to do this asana after meals.

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Gomukhasana helps in stretching the spine and abdominal muscles. This helps in digestion and the practice of this asana after eating treats the stomach. This yoga can be practiced regularly to ease digestion. For the practice of Gomukhasana, bend the left leg and keep the ankle near the left hip. Now place the right foot on the left foot in such a way that both the knees touch each other. Now take the hands backwards and hold the left hand with the right hand.

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Dhanurasana is helpful in increasing the functioning of the digestive organs. Digestion improves by practicing this asana. To do Dhanurasana, lie down on your stomach and try to touch your legs while bending them. Hold the ankles using arms and hands. Stretch your shoulders while keeping your ankles back.

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