Yamaha RX100 will soon return to India, will enter with this new updateYamaha RX100 will soon return to India, will enter with this new update

Yamaha RX100 had made a lot of name for itself in the Indian market. Especially Yamaha RX100 which is considered one of the best motorcycles made by the company. It ruled the Indian market as well as the hearts of millions of Indians. Even after its closure, its popularity has continued among the people. Let us tell you that this two-wheeler manufacturer had stopped the production of motorcycles in March 1996. But now this motorcycle is all set to make a comeback in the Indian market.

Yamaha RX100 bike will come with a new engine

As we have already told that RX100 is preparing to return to India, which has increased the enthusiasm of bike lovers. It is expected that it will be introduced with the RX nameplate, but its name may be different from RX100. Apart from this, it has also come to light that this upcoming bike can be equipped with a powerful 225.9 cc engine, which will give a power output of 20.1 bhp and peak torque of 19.93 nm.

How will be the design of RX100

The design and looks of the bike is likely to be based on the RX100, the new model will have some signature styling elements from the original motorcycle. The report also claims that its price will be between Rs 1.25 lakh and Rs 1.50 lakh (ex-showroom). As we know Yamaha RX100 is known for its sleek and lightweight design. Besides this, it was also popular because of its power. So to recreate those standards in a four-stroke model, the motorcycle will have to get an engine with a displacement of at least 200cc. This is why this time Yamaha is preparing to launch a motorcycle with a bigger engine.Community-verified icon

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