X Update: X's super app may be launched soon, Elon Musk gave hintsX Update: X's super app may be launched soon, Elon Musk gave hints

X Update: Last year, a report came in which it was claimed that Elon Musk is working on a super app, after the launch of which many types of tasks can be done from a single app. Elon Musk has shared a post on X which contains a promo video. This promo video has the logo of X and has THE EVERYTHING APP written in it.

What will happen in the super app?

Super app is a kind of app which provides many features. For example, a super app has features ranging from social media apps to online shopping and payments to ticket booking for travel.

X Update: got money transfer license

X got the money transfer license in December last year itself, although X has not yet given any information about it officially. After getting this license, the facility to transfer payment on X will be provided, after which users will be able to transfer money to each other’s X bank account.

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