, rats are also reared like dogs, cats, and parrots., rats are also reared like dogs, cats, and parrots.

Rats are one of the earliest mammalian species that still exist on Earth. While in Europe they are considered bad omen, in India they are worshiped. Rat is also the vehicle of Lord Ganesha. In many places, rats are also reared like dogs, cats, and parrots. People hate them because of serious diseases like the plague, and wasting grains and clothes, but these creatures are very intelligent. Many films and cartoon programs have also been made on rats. World Rat Day is celebrated today i.e. on 4th April. The purpose of this is to promote rats as pets. Celebrating this day started in the year 2002.

Most experiments take place on

Do you know that scientists also experiment on rats, especially on medicines? The first trial of any new medicine or vaccine in the market is done on rats only so that its advantages and disadvantages can be known. If the experiment is successful on rats, only then common people are allowed to use it.

Let us know some interesting facts related to rats

  • Rats have a very sharp memory. Once they see the path, they never forget it
  • The front teeth of rats grow very fast. Because of this, they can even scratch walls, bricks, or cement with their teeth. If rats do not gnaw on things, their teeth can grow by 1 to 2 inches in a year
  • Rats can cause more than 30 diseases in humans. Plague is the most deadly of these diseases

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