Traffic Jam: Will there be a solution to Bangalore's traffic problem? Google deployed artificial intelligence on red lightTraffic Jam: Will there be a solution to Bangalore's traffic problem? Google deployed artificial intelligence on red light

Some people even say that Bangalore is the best city in India for young working professionals. So even the biggest fan of Bangalore will agree that the traffic system of the city is very bad. Google may have a solution to Bangalore’s traffic problems through its Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Google’s Project Green Light is an AI-powered solution from the tech giant. Its objective is to improve mobility within the city, reduce traffic and overall reduce the time people waste in getting stuck in traffic jams. This has been revealed in a report of Analytics India Magazine.

In the fast-growing city of Bengaluru, this unprecedented initiative by Google is changing the face of urban traffic management. Google’s Project Green Light will optimize traffic flow at intersections. And will reduce emissions caused by intermittent running of vehicles.

This innovative project began with a spontaneous dinner conversation between Dotan Emanuel, a Google researcher, and his wife. Since its inception in 2021, Project Green Light has been on a mission to revolutionize urban mobility while addressing climate change concerns.

Leveraging the power of AI and insights from Google Maps data, Project Green Light demonstrates a deeper understanding of the global road network. By modeling traffic patterns and providing intelligent recommendations to city traffic engineers, it aims to streamline traffic flow and reduce emissions. In a recent interview with CBS News, Juliet Rothenberg, head of the Climate AI product team at Google, highlighted the global impact of this project. He told that Project Green Light is operational in 13 cities around the world, which include Bangalore, Rio, Hamburg and Seattle. Which makes every red light an opportunity to optimize. Early data shows promising results. That includes a potential reduction of up to 30 percent in stops and a 10 percent reduction in emissions at intersections. At 70 intersections where Project Green Light is already active, this translates into fuel savings and lower emissions. Due to which lakhs of passengers benefit every month.

Currently, Project Green Light is running at 70 intersections in 12 cities including Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Kolkata. In Kolkata, the initiative has received praise from Police Commissioner Vineet Kumar Goyal, who appreciated its role in increasing traffic efficiency and safety. From November 2022, Kolkata has implemented the suggestions of Project Green Light at 13 intersections. Due to which positive response has been received from passengers and traffic personnel.

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