Mannara Chopra declared herself the winner of the female category of Bigg Boss 17, people trolled her fiercelyMannara Chopra declared herself the winner of the female category of Bigg Boss 17, people trolled her fiercely

Mannara Chopra: Munawwar Farooqui has brought the trophy to Dongri, Mumbai after winning Bigg Boss 17. There, his fans gave him a warm welcome. Many videos related to this are becoming increasingly viral on social media. Abhishek Kumar stood second in this show and Mannara Chopra had to be content with third place. Meanwhile, Mannara Chopra recently wrote something in her Instagram bio that people started trolling her. Actually, the actress described herself as Bigg Boss 17 ‘winner in the female category’ in her bio, after which netizens started making various comments on it.

The screenshot of his bio was shared by the fan page of Bigg Boss. Since then the actress had to face trolls. After seeing the post, some called her ‘disappointed’, while others found it quite amusing. One user said, “He is in full entertainment mood,” while another wrote, “Self-obsessed,” one social media user commented, while another said, “Overacting here too.” After continuous trolling, Mannara has now changed her bio and reads, “Bigg Boss 17 Runner-up.” After leaving Bigg Boss house, Mannara expressed hope in a conversation that Munavvar will contact her.

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The actress mentioned that Munawar has gone through a lot in his life and she understands that he needs time to sort things out. However, she would like him to try to be friends again. Mannara also expressed her gratitude to Salman Khan for providing guidance and advice during the season.

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