Joker 2: 'Joker 2' will have a treasure of music, not one or two, there will be 15 songs including 'That's Entertainment'Joker 2: 'Joker 2' will have a treasure of music, not one or two, there will be 15 songs including 'That's Entertainment'

Interesting news has come regarding the Hollywood film ‘Joker: Folie a Deux’. This is a musical psychological thriller film. So, the main focus will be on music. Despite this, how many songs the film will have, being directed by director Todd Phillips, is still a mystery. But, now information about this has come to light. There will be 15 songs in the film, not just one or two.

Joker 2: The song of ‘The Band Wagon’ will also be covered

According to the information revealed, a lot of songs will be covered in this film. One of these will be the famous song ‘That’s Entertainment’ from the 1953 musical romantic film ‘The Band Wagon’. It is also being said that most of the songs could be from ‘Jukebox Musicals’. It is expected that ‘Joker 2’ will break traditional norms in terms of music.

Will be released on this day

The film ‘Joker 2’ is the sequel to the 2019 film ‘Joker’. This sequel film is being released on a bigger scale. This film will be released on 4 October 2024. The audience is very excited about this, and this news related to the music of the film will further increase their interest.

Lady Gaga will play the lead role

Joaquin Phoenix will be seen playing the lead role in the film ‘Joker Folie a Deux’. Whereas, Lady Gaga will play the role of Harley Quinn opposite Joaquin Phoenix. The cast of the film will feature Brendan Gleeson, Catherine Keener, Jacob Lofland, Harry Lotte.

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