Government warned social media influencers, said- do not promote online bettingGovernment warned social media influencers, said- do not promote online betting

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on Thursday issued a warning to social media influencers to refrain from surrogate advertisements, promotions of offshore online betting and gambling platforms. The ministry said these advertisements have a significant financial and socio-economic impact on consumers, especially youth, of online betting and gambling. The ministry has also advised online advertising intermediaries not to target such content to Indian audiences. Social media intermediaries have also been advised to undertake sensitization efforts among their users to avoid publishing such content, the statement said.

The advisory said that while Section 79 of the IT Act, 2000 provides exemption from liability of intermediaries for third party information, data or communication links made available or hosted by them, sub-section (3)( b) states that the exemption from liability shall not apply if actual knowledge is obtained or upon receipt by the appropriate Government or an agency thereof that the information, data or communication link is being used to commit a crime.

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