Google Drive: Writer lost more than two lakh words on Google Drive, how safe is cloud data?Google Drive: Writer lost more than two lakh words on Google Drive, how safe is cloud data?

Crores of people use Google around the world. Google provides many types of facilities to its users. Google Drive is also an option for this. Kay Renee, an American author, lost her access to Google Drive. More than 2 lakh words were present on the author’s Google Drive. But after losing access, he lost 222000 words. Google declared the author’s content inappropriate. Google freezes words. It is being said in the reports that the content of the American author was declared inappropriate by Google on March 24, 2024. After this move by Google, authors writing romance novels lost their access to Drive.
It is further said in the reports that K Renee was working on 10 works simultaneously. But after losing access, they lost 222,000 words. The author had kept these words in different files and folders.

Google did not provide this information

Writing any content takes a lot of time and effort. In such a situation, if one day suddenly some platform considers your content inappropriate and pushes you away, then it is very bad for the author. It is also being claimed in the reports that Google never told the author that he had violated the rules of the platform.

Is data safe on Google Drive?

This type of problem has happened before on Google Drive. In such a situation, users should not depend on any one cloud storage. If all your important files remain at one place then this can happen to you in future too. Users can lose their important data at any time. In such a situation, you should use multiple cloud storages.Community-verified icon

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