Elon Musk: Now you can make payment through X PayElon Musk: Now you can make payment through X Pay

Elon Musk is now going to make his platform X, which was earlier known as Twitter, a super app. Super app means that all the necessary services are available in a single app. For example, it should have social media apps, an online payment option, a shopping option, the option to book movie tickets, and many more.

Elon Musk X got a money transfer license

According to the report, X (Former Twitter) has got the license for money transfer, although X has not yet given any official information about it. After getting this license, the facility to transfer payment on X will be provided, after which users will be able to transfer money to each other’s X bank account.

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Earlier this feature was available on WhatsApp and Facebook. The special thing about X’s payment service is that users will not need any bank account, although there is currently no information about how this system will work. This feature can be released for users in the next year.

Grok AI launched in India?

Elon Musk’s Grok AI is now available in the Indian market as well. Grok AI has been developed by xAI which is Elon Musk’s AI startup. Grok is AI’s generative AI chatbot. Regarding Grok AI, Elon Musk claims that it is better than OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGBT.

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