Avneet Kaur got angry at trolls, and said - If you can't say anything good for someone then don't say bad either.Avneet Kaur got angry at trolls, and said - If you can't say anything good for someone then don't say bad either.

Actress Avneet Kaur does not need any identity in Bollywood. In a few days, his film ‘Love Ki Arranged Marriage’ is going to stream on Zee Five. In this film, she will be seen working with veteran actors like Sunny Singh and Annu Kapoor. Apart from this, she also participated in the recently concluded Cannes Film Festival. For which he also had to face a lot of trolling.

Like many stars, Avneet Kaur was also seen for the first time at the Cannes Film Festival that concluded last month, but the trolls could not digest this. He trolled Avneet Kaur fiercely and wrote, ‘What has she gone there to do’. Some people wrote, ‘Why is it necessary to leave?’ Recently, during an interview, Avneet Kaur replied to the trolls and said, ‘The biggest thing should be that if an artist from your country has reached there, then you should feel proud, but instead of being proud, you are trolling. You are writing what is its use there. Why has she gone? If you can’t say anything good then at least don’t say bad.

Avneet Kaur continues her talk and says, ‘Taha Shah had gone there and there were other people and people were happy for him. Similarly, I also went there for my film, but I don’t know what everyone’s problem is. Why are they so full of negativity? Why do you just write bad instead of writing something good in the comments? Avneet Kaur was seen in a navy blue outfit at the Cannes Film Festival. Her dress was also praised a lot. Avneet says, ‘From Nancy Tyagi to many other stars, they went to Cannes for the first time. I am happy for all of them. We are moving forward and our country is also moving forward with us, this is a beautiful thing.

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