Arbaaz Khan: Arbaaz angry at ex-girlfriend Georgia, scolded her for spreading false news about breakup!Arbaaz Khan: Arbaaz angry at ex-girlfriend Georgia, scolded her for spreading false news about breakup!

Arbaaz Khan has made a new beginning in his life last month. The actor married his girlfriend and makeup artist Shura Khan in December 2023. Arbaaz, who secretly married Shura, has now broken his silence about his ex-girlfriend Georgia Andriani after a long time and has also expressed his displeasure over revealing their relationship publicly. Let us know what the actor has said. Actor Arbaaz Khan is a happily married man. He married Shura Khan on December 24 last year at his sister Arpita Khan Sharma’s house. Now recently, in an interview, the actor revealed that it was inappropriate for his ex-girlfriend Georgia Andriani to speak about their relationship when they were married.

Arbaaz told that even before meeting Shura, he and Georgia had broken up two years ago. A few days before Arbaaz’s wedding, Georgia had said in an interview, “It took us a lot of time to take this decision, but finally we have decided to separate with mutual consent.” However, Arbaaz believes that they should not end their relationship. There was no need to talk about and it was quite inappropriate.

Arbaaz said, “I know that some of the recent interviews give the impression that things were perfect between me and Georgia till the end, which is not true. It’s unfortunate that I have to sit here and give such an explanation, but my previous relationship had ended about a year and a half before I met Shura.

Arbaaz further said, “I dated her for a year. There was no timeline given in those interviews and such interviews make people believe that ‘Oh, I went to Shura after the breakup,’ but that’s not true. I was not dating anyone for about a year and a half until I met Shura. This is the reality.”

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