Apple bans the sale of Watch Ultra 2 and 9 series, know the reasonApple bans the sale of Watch Ultra 2 and 9 series, know the reason

Apple: If you are planning to buy Apple’s latest smartwatch series, then you will not be able to buy it now. Actually, the company has banned the sale of Watch Ultra 2 and 9 series in the US, and it will also soon be removed from Amazon and other e-commerce websites. Now if you are wondering why the company has done this, then actually the reason for this is a patent dispute. In the US, these Apple smartwatches will not be available online from Thursday and on the company’s website and stores from Sunday.

Why was there a ban on sales?

Actually, Apple has taken this decision because in October the International Trade Commission had ruled to ban Apple watches with blood oxygen measurement feature as a part of an intellectual property dispute with medical technology company Masimo. Whitehouse had 60 days to review ITC’s decision. During this period the company continued the sale of its watches. However, now Apple has decided that it will not sell Watch Ultra 2 and 9 series in the US for now. The company said that if ITC does not change its decision, it will take all necessary steps to deal with it and will restart the sale of its watches as soon as possible.

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The sale of this smartwatch will continue

In the ITC order, a ban has been imposed on such smartwatches which have blood oxygen feature. A watch which does not have this, i.e. Apple Watch SE, will continue to be sold in the US. No ITC rules will apply to smartwatches that people have already purchased.Community-verified icon

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